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Three Friends ... One Sweet Dream

The story of Edible Art Shop begins in early 2012, when three friends decided it was time to open a business that would bring their friendship, families, and community ties together. Most importantly, they decided to do something fun that they all enjoyed. After months of studying countless spreadsheets, schedules, and store leasing options, they settled on the opportunity that best fit their natural talents and teamwork: a gourmet sweet shop...and Edible Art Shop was born.

Our Vision

Edible Art Shop’s vision is to create a unique experience with every bite of our high quality ingredients and hand crafted edible art pieces.

Our Mission

Edible Art Shop’s mission is to use the highest quality, all-natural ingredients to make from scratch the perfect dessert.

Learn About our Team.

Marilisa Desimone

Marilisa Desimone

Marilisa grew up in the kitchen alongside her mother always wanting to help her mother bake for family get-togethers. As she grew older her passion and appreciation for cake design grew with her and she always found herself mesmerized by beautiful pieces of edible art. Marilisa learned some baking techniques in Italy but the majority of her education was in Toronto when she completed various cake decorating programs, but eventually enrolled in the Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionery Arts where she met her friends and business partners. In order to have an edge on the competition Marilisa invests a lot of time continuously attending specialty workshops with international cake artists and Food Network Champions. The idea of Edible Art Shop came to mind one evening when Marilisa was having dinner with both Abena and Giovanna.

Abena Mensah-Carr

Abena Mensah-Carr

Abena Mensah-Carr is a talented graduate of the Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts. She has honed her skills with many years of baking and decorating experience. Abena has acquired diverse baking and decorating skills from her travels to Aosta, Italy. With years of experience in the airline service industry, she is well acquainted with the concept of making customers happy. For Abena, making that perfect cake is not only about the exquisite appearance, but also leaving a lasting memory of a captivating taste experience that cannot be forgotten.

Giovanna Migliano

Giovanna Migliano

Giovanna fell in love with sugar at the tender age of 6 when she would see her mother create beautiful art with desserts. As her love for beautiful desserts grew, she eventually took that passion and started her own business in 1998. She creates pastries and beautiful cakes for clients all over Toronto. In order to enhance her skills, Giovanna enrolled in the exclusive school of Baking, Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts, graduating in June 2012.



Fresh fruits, 35% whipping cream, creamy truffles made with European chocolate, buttery caramel are just some of the premium ingredients used to create superb cakes. Each cake is decorated by hand to create a dessert that looks just as good as it tastes. A wide selection of fillings and decorative options are available to fulfil special requests. All cakes are made to order.

Petite Gateau (Cupcakes)

Like a small work of art. A delight for dessert lovers of all ages. Edible Art Shop offer a diverse variety of flavors that will awaken the senses. They also offer cupcakes tailored to holidays and special occasions.


Macarons are a ganache or buttercream filled sandwich cookie made with almond, egg white and sugar. The thin, egg-shell like exterior is slightly crispy with the characteristic crackling "feet" around the base of each cookie. After one bite, the tender, meringue-like interior fuses with the velvety filling, melting heavenly in your mouth. They are sold in packages of 3 or more.

Confection Towers

On their own or as part of a sweet table, clients will not be able to resist Edible Art Shop’s stunning confection towers. These fabulous pièces montées can be created with a variety of sweets and are a wonderfully interactive element for any occasion. Towers are special orders and available in macaron, truffle or croquembouche.


Delicious assorted cookies such as crumbly butter cookies layered with creamy ganache fillings which are available in lemon, cocoa, lavender & hazelnut.


Biscotti flavors that begin with anise and almond, and go to white chocolate with macadamia nuts. We have a flavor of Biscotti for every taste. Sold individually or in bulk as this favorite Italian dessert makes a great gift.

Cake Pops

Themed cake pops, chocolate dipped, animated designs & characters available, as well as sophisticated & elegant designs for a more mature crowd. These are sold individually or in bulk.

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